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Electronics Recycling & Computer Recycling

At North Dakota E-Waste, we go out of our way to make sure your electronics recycling process is made as easy as possible. Our Pickup service is designed to simplify all of your electronic recycling needs. We work with with large and small businesses, school districts, government agencies, municipalities, banks, and healthcare providers.

For Residential Electronics Recycling Click Here


Call (701) 580-2536 today to be added to our route, or Email

We accept the following items:

  • Computers

    • Desktop Computers

    • Laptop Computers

    • Chromebooks

    • Netbooks

  • Cell Phones

  • Servers

  • Enterprise Routers

  • DVRs

  • Game Consoles

  • Mother Boards

  • Cables and Wire

  • Flat Panel Computer Monitors

  • Printers

  • Keyboards

  • Computer Mice

  • Office Phones

  • Household Electronics

  • CRT TV's and Monitors (Glass Tube Style)​

  • Flat Panel TV’s​

  • Projection TV’s​

  • And MORE

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